The Liepos Women's Choir of Vilnius, Lithuania

Not long time ago in Vilnius there was a girl's choir called the Liepaites (the Young Lime-tree Girls).
But from autumn 1989 girls had become adults and appeared as an independent women's choir the Liepos (the Lime-tree Women). (Today other young girls are singing in the Liepaites.) The Liepos' Art Manager and Conductor is Mrs Audronė Zupkauskienė-Steponavičiūtė, pianist is Mrs Henrika Seckuviene and Choir Manager Mrs Stefanija Badariene.

1998: Liepos is winning the Silver Medal in Wales
Liepos at 1998 World Choir's Championship in Great Britain (2nd place)
The Liepos is often touring in Lithuania, in music halls as well as in churches. The repertioar is consisting from very different music from Gregorian chorals to modern opuses. On the program is now these themes:
The choir is often participating at International choir's competitions and festivals. So far they have won several prices. Just take a look at this impressing list: